half dozen of the other

I like knitting sweaters.

I think I might set a goal of six sweaters started and finished in 2010. I will finish four adult sweaters and two baby sweaters before 2009 is over. Quite a ride. I’m most proud of the Autumn Rose I just sent off to my aunt. I have to come clean on this sucker:

I started it two years ago and finished it more than a year ago. There were some issues, however. I’m a perfectionist with my knitting. Not with much else, unfortunately. The AR knit precisely to the pattern ended up with a neckline that fell below the nipple line and odd wings of fabric in the very tops of the raglan decreases. I had steeked. I had picked up the eleventy billion stitches of a deep U-neck and worked the neckline only to find that I had to rip it back to the underarms.

Actually, to below the underarms where the neckline steek started. (I should have known at that moment that we might have issues.) It took over four hours to rip that beautiful Shetland Spindrift out and goddamnit, I made it sit in a brown paper bag on the floor of my bedroom and think about what it did for a solid six months before I so much as touched it again. I re-wrote the neckline to a simple V by drawing my own lines in for a decrease on each side every row until the top of the shoulder. I did something similar with the shoulder decreases, just evened them out. It fits. I can move on with my life and pick my next project.

The question is, what’s next?



One Response to “half dozen of the other”

  1. choperena Says:


    Srsly??? 4 hours to frogg? Oh my, I feel faint. I don’t even want to know how many hours it took to knit! I still get pangs when I need to frogg five rows on a pair of mitts.

    And if you haven’t noticed, I’m stalking from LSG ^_^

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