From the Top

I’ve entered a 12 Sweaters in 12 Months challange. When I tell non-knitters about this I get a confused look. I’m done with my first. The Ravelry group’s rules stipulate that sweaters must be adult-sized and be completed in 2010 but may be WIPs from years past.

Here’s my Green Sweater:

It’s not quite my own design. I used some of the formulas in Barbara Walker’s fantastic, “Knitting From the Top” to start the neckline. Once I’d cast on to the button bands I depended on trying it on for fit. The lace motif comes from of her four volumes of stitch patterns. The yarn is Fleece Artist’s BFL, one skein. That’s right. I worked the body to the lengthof other little lightweight cardis I wear. ThenI picked up the collar and worked the ribbing before weighing out the remaining yarn into two equal balls for the sleeves. I have under a dozen yards in a tiny ball that will go into my scraps bag awaiting a repair.

I’m undecided about closure. I’ve worn it a few times and I like cardigans to be open. I may put in a strip of hook and eye tape.


One Response to “From the Top”

  1. choperena Says:

    12/12? That is … well… kudos! I cast on for my first sweater yesterday (knitty’s quadrat), and have a full inch of the sleeve! Then again, it is 126 stitches wide ^_^

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