I read on facebook that my cousin’s wife is going in for a c-section in 8 days. Today marks the 7th day before the grand event. Our family is getting another whole generation in a week. I’m excited. (Also, I swear I still had a couple months of knitting time.) They live in Florida, a minor detail to most people but a pretty major one to someone wanting to knit something useful for a baby. I was lucky to find an amazing deal on some Queensland Collection Bamboo Cotton.

It’s a pattern that I had a baby blanket in when I was born (that one made from a pastel variegated Red Heart Super Saver if my memory holds) and it’s a pattern that no one can possibly take credit for.

CO 5 sts. Work 1 garter st. ridge. k3, yo, k to end. Next row and all rows until it’s “big enough” k3, yo, k to end. To reverse: k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end. Repeat until 5 sts remain. work 1 garter ridge. BO.

I’m using 6 50g balls of the Bamboo Cotton in “color 06” which is a nice pale blue. Running towards the end.


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