Ten Stitch

I am a scratchy yarn person and a color person. Can anyone say Noro?

The wonderful part of this project is that I’m buying my expensive yarn slowly. One skein every time I need one and a lazy pace on the project. It’s a good one to have in my hands while drinking at the kitchen table with comrades.

I have a goal that might be a little nuts. I want our living room to have only handmade blankets and pillow cases. The house gets chilly at night, like any place lacking heat or insulation in 60 degree weather. Snuggling under something I made with my hands is so nice. Spilling dinner on it, less so. The Red Heart granny square afghan works fine for that, though.


3 Responses to “Ten Stitch”

  1. Josie Says:

    That blanket looks beautiful. I agree it’s a great way to use up scraps- especially wools you love so much you can’t get rid of, or things so pretty you can’t get many skeins.

    I also like the way it grows out from the centre, it kinda reminds me of a snail shell for some reason.

  2. potatocraft Says:

    That is georgieous!!!! No really, it is beautiful. Although I do have to say: 60 F is still shorts weather here in Maine, hehe.

  3. choperena Says:

    I support your blanket making decision!

    I started single crocheting a boring hexagon of boringfullness blanket for my living room, and had it a good five feet wide, when the cat pissed on it last fall. Between it being a project I started three years ago, made in Lion Brand, and having become a self righteous yarn snob a couple of years ago when I started spinning, I’m less and less inclined to clean it and finish it.

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