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Off the needles.

April 21, 2010

Oh, yeah, that’s my cornball dad.


Here it is.

April 10, 2010


Dale of Norway releases a ski sweater for the nation’s team at every Winter Olympics. I picked the sweater from the Nagano games because I liked the look the best and something possessed me to make a sweater that would hurt.

Almost two years later, here I am crossing the finish line.

The yarn is from a kit I found online. I’ve since forgotten the site or price but the yarn is Dale of Norway’s Falk and I liked it well enough. It’s a superwash wool and had the texture of one. I’m in love with this project ending, though, and the yarn was a good workhorse.

My father’s ape arms required 2 inches added to the sleeves after all was finished. I had to do this heartstopper of a move:

It was stuck in Donner pass over the winter with the rest of my stash.

All is well now. It will be boxed up and mailed to Maine on Monday. Heavily insured.

I’ll indulge myself a few more shots.