What can be slavaged:

The simplest repair is the simple replacement of lost stitches between two intact pieces of fabric.

Those were a minority of the problems I encountered. I spent yesterday evening on the mid-grade interventions. Remember the pink star from my past post? Here?

The places that had pulled out of their stitching but still had intact fabric were handled thusly:

Pardon the harshly extra-jumbo photo. I re-stitched ever so slightly inside the original thread. I was able to do this because the creases from its first ironing were, in many cases, inside of the stitching rather than on it. After duplicating the stitching (and tightly corralling any threads that had come free) I flipped the seam allowances over so that the much more stable contrast fabric covered all off the stray bits. Then I tacked it down with the tiniest stitches I could manage, since I was now stitching on the surface of the quilt.

One step up was stabilizing with fabric from behind.

I approached the first steps in the same way as everything else. I picked all the stray threads to the wrong side of the fabric and re-sewed the seam. Here, unlike before, I was barely able to make a stable join. I cut a patch from plain white scrap fabric to stabilize from behind.

I applied it to the wrong side of the fabric but only worked from the right side. Pin from the right side and stitch parallel to the seam, trying to stay halfway between the seam and the edge of the seam allowance on the other side.

It’s anal retentive at its best but look at the difference:

I’m starting the process of snipping out the parts that can’t be stabilized from behind. Stay tuned.


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One Response to “What can be slavaged:”

  1. choperena Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful job! Good luck with the rest of the holes. And yes, my OCD is just jumping at the bit to help with the fixings!

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