Are you as crazy as I am?

I’ve been awash in a sea of lung butter. I had no idea that my 27 year old ass could get pneumonia. Surprise!

I’m trying not to think about the loss of 1/4 of my month’s income from this week off. Instead, in the days that it’s been possible for me to focus on anything more complex than the Kardashians (and believe me I did plenty of that) I’ve been accomplishing crafty things.

First finished was a quilt for a fundraiser:

It’s made of donated activist shirts from years of struggle. The method I used was simple:

I had 16″ wide lightweight fusible interfacing. 14″ seemed to be a design width that neither exceeded the smallest shirt dimensions nor cropped the largest designs.

I roughly cut the silkscreens out, ironed them to the interfacing, and trimmed with a ruler. Alternating orientation and color I sewed them together, aiming for 4 strips of equal length. A few strips got an extra few inches and a few got trimmed and then sewn together. That’s the quilt top.

There is no batting. The backing is a heavy denim (tee shirt and jeans, get it?) and the two layers sandwiched seemed like a nice weight and drape. There was a moment of horror when my once-huge denim came out of the wash too small. I trimmed and things went on their way.

The quilt is tied with red yarn. Dale of Norway Baby Ull, to be exact, left over from a pair of fingerless cycling gloves made years ago.

When I can breathe like a normal person I’ll be stenciling something on the back in spray paint. Still deciding on what.

Next up was finishing work for a sweater for my mother:

It still needs a good blocking and some ribbon facing on the neckband. Full disclosure, the knitting had been done and the pieces sitting for several months.

It’s Lillian by Lucy Sweetland. Well written pattern that I highly recommend.

I also blocked the Ishbel made with the yarn that was the first ever gift from my darling.

And I finally started the tea cozy that my father has been asking me for since I can remember. (He got a Dale of Norway Olympic Ski Sweater last year in 6’5″ man size. He hasn’t been neglected.)

Improv kinda-logcabin squares that aimed for 6″x5″ dimensions. I used lots of my bird fabrics and several from the generations of fabric stash. I think these will get poly batting, terry cloth, and a backing fabric. I think I’ll tie the layers together.

Do you share my madness? I’m not done here. I’m just whittling away the Giftmas list and the WIPs. My boyfriend’s sister and parents each need something and my best friend’s quilt is still in pieces. I saw this coaster this morning:

and I think I know what I’m giving someone. Linky!

It’s even raining today. Save our dog’s first obedience class, there’s nothing but fabric scraps and cough syrup until tuesday.


32 Responses to “Are you as crazy as I am?”

  1. knittingsprite Says:

    Hi from LSG! (I’m knitstomusic over there)

    I love your quilts. The first one is awesome for all its activist-mojo, and I love the owl one because I have an owl fixation.
    Glad you posted your blog 🙂 I will be dropping in again in the future.

  2. IronKit Says:

    OMG. I love that owl fabric. This makes me want to get off my ass and start that baby quilt for giftmas.

  3. illaheebaby Says:

    ok, over from LSG, but i also have your blog on a feeder and read whenever you update! 😀 i just don’t comment, much. (fukuokagirl on rav).

    love the quilting, i still haven’t got any done this year! *sigh*

  4. Rob Says:

    Wow, if that’s what you can get done with pneumonia, you must burn up the track when you are well. That fundraiser quilt is AMAZING, and the rest of your projects too.

  5. Andrea Says:

    Damn, that quilt fabric is AWESOME. I’ve been resisting the siren song of quilting — I’ve already got too many neglected projects!

  6. Mel In OR Says:

    Love that sweater! Someday I will be brave enough to start one of those. Right now I’m just proud to have learned how to knit fingers in gloves. :/

  7. gnomespun Says:

    How much does the interfacing cost and where do you get it? I’ve been aiming to do a massive t-shirt quilt for aaages.

    • merrific Says:

      I got it at JoAnn’s for less thn $2 for a package of 16″x6′ and used a little over two packages. Aim for lightweight and non-knit interfacing.

  8. Heather Says:

    Hi there!
    HeatherDesigns from LSG, I LOVE the fundraiser quilt, and the sweater was lovely.

    Here’s my sadly neglected blog. I’ll post something on it soon, I promise.

  9. mornington Says:

    The activist quilt is beautiful!

    Hope the obedience classes went well.

  10. Cassildra Says:

    I LOVE the activist quilt! I think it’s fabulous. Everything else is well-made and super-cute, too!

  11. pocketina Says:

    Hi from LSG! Your craftiness and blogginess is embarrassing to me, as I’m awash in sloth right now, but I’m also feeling WAAAY inspired by the great stuff you’re working on.
    I LOVE the activist quilt, too!!

  12. Amy Says:

    Love love LOVE the activist quilt, and everything else! You’re very talented. And sweaters?? Fingers on GLOVES?? Y’all, I haven’t even knit a pair of SOCKS yet, lol!!

  13. One Sick Mother Says:

    That quilt is very fucking cool. And the gansey for your mother is beautiful. If that is you sick performing while sick, you well must be fearsome.

  14. PasLaMarionette Says:

    Hi – it’s PasLaMarionette from LSG. I love love love this red sweater. I’m very impressed! I don’t have a blog, but I’m excited to leave a comment on yours and to read more in the future!

  15. Mandie Says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! and your mom is really lucky to get that sweater, damn.

  16. NanoNukie Says:

    Wow! That sweater is gorgeous, but alas.. I’m not surprised. I saw your tangled yoke sweater… it’s a work of art.

  17. Irishdans Says:

    You are simply amazing! The red sweater is so beautiful. I will keep following your blog, it is inspiring! I hope you feel better soon!

  18. Anna Says:

    Wow, those quilts are totally awesome! The activist one is amazing.

    Also, owl fabric makes me make high pitched noises…

  19. Ann Says:

    Do you have a book or website for a beginning quilter? It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, but I don’t know where to start. Hi from LSG!

    I LOVE your blog!

  20. Jeanie Says:

    I really love the owl print fabric. Your quilts are all so awesome 🙂

  21. silverstar98121 Says:

    My sister quilts, I don’t. She would probably love all this stuff. I’ll send her your URL. Like everyone else, I love the red sweater. Hope you feel better soon.

  22. Ana Says:

    Your quilting is totally awesome. That’s one thing my OCD nature has not let me do quite yet. Lining up all those tiny fabric scraps – oy!

    Rock on, and I hope you feel better soon!

  23. Shaylin Says:

    This is quite nifty! I have terrible “quilting” skills.

  24. lkeipp Says:

    Crochetexaminer on LSG – I want your owl fabric.

    You’re more nuts than me. When I’m that sick, I sleep or stare at the TV – that’s how people know I’m sick. Best I ever did was crochet a baby blanket after a lumpectomy – about a week later,

    Congrats on the productivity – you outshine me.

  25. Shannon Says:

    Very nice quilts. However, your beady eyes will not tempt me to join the quilting cult. My mother has been trying for years. The Thimbleberry quilt that she gave me is extremely tempting, but I will not join the cult. I’ve been invited to be the token spinner/knitter at their retreat next year – but I WILL NOT JOIN A CULT!!!

  26. Knitwych Says:

    I love the t-shirt quilt! I need to get off my butt and make a couple of those quilts.

    Also, that sweater? Drooooooooool!!

  27. IsobelDeBrujah Says:

    Love it. I’m seriously jonesing to learn to quilt and you are making it worse. lol

  28. Bridget Says:

    OMG, I will not get into quilting, I will not get into quilting, I will not!!! I have been saying this for years. I don’t need another craft. But I love these. The coaster! I could do that. It’s small, right? I can start small.

    You are evil.

  29. Didi Says:

    i love the tshirt quilt! i have a machine hiding under my desk in the office, but haven’t used it in over a year. eventually i hope to make a tshirt quilt. we’ll see if it actually happens, though. 😉

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