Mug Rug!

This year, I’m all about knocking things off my Giftmas list. My rule has been that I make one major gift per year, typically a sweater, and rotate which family member gets it. This year my mother is getting the red cables sweater in my last post.

My broke ass is making lesser gifts for everyone else. My whole family actually appreciates this.

Enter my father’s gift. I made him the sort of tea cozy that Japanese teenagers might make if they discovered acid.

The tea cozy is simple. I improv pieced 8 blocks that were approximately 6″x5″ and trimmed them to size. I pieced four together for each side and cut a 3″ strip to go up and over. I roughly cut scraps of batting to jam in, overlapping in the top and lined it with a piece of the cutesy deer fabric. I cut a piece that was as big as the outside, minus the expansion strip.

I quiltd with a tapestry needle and bright red yarn, two lines that ran over the top and back down. They begged for a pompom where they met. I bound it by hand since the three layers of batting were too much for my machine to handle.

It needed mug rugs. Once it had mug rugs it needed a bigger mat for the tea pot. I’m stopping myself, really.

I’ll be tacking the binding down tonight.


3 Responses to “Mug Rug!”

  1. oriocookie Says:


    repeats to self, I do not need another hobby, I do not need another hobby.

    Great job.

    -fellow LSGer

  2. bookfaerie23 Says:

    Oh, that is cool! Love that fabric!!

  3. Kim Says:

    So cute! I love owls!

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