A little more work

I’m enjoying some quiet time. Finally. Everyone has left or is out. I’m alone with the dog and my sewing machine.

This mug run is for my sister-out-law who drinks every imaginable hot beverage while she studies. She’s getting a matching pillow:

It needs a little work. I’ve got something secret brewing for a mini quilt swap some bee blocks to take care of.

My sister has been loaded onto a plane. She’s the next family member to get a major crafty gift. I offered her the choice between a quilt and a sweater. She chose quilt. She’d like traditional, perhaps with stars, and a color scheme that includes barn red. I’m going to have to work to make this interesting.

After a little poking around, I’m feeling inspired by this beauty:

It’s the sort of traditional square I adore. I love her scrappy look with consistent pinwheels. I think it has the classic qualities that my sister is looking for and it’s has the visual interest and technical smarts that I’m trying to build. I’ll keep browsing.

Barn red is a toughie for me. My instinct is to go for a deep, bloody shade and combine it with rich oranges and golds and find an accent shade of gray, sky blue, or canary. Sister shied away from that approach. Perhaps the highlight can be white, which would ease up a little on the overall volume. I want to avoid the faux-antique quilt look of red to brown shades with chocolate low lights and sepia highlights. That makes me want to stab myself in the neck with a finger presser.

How do you work your barn red?


2 Responses to “A little more work”

  1. Anna Says:

    I’d never really seen the appeal of quilting until quite recently. But this post -really- makes me want to go and sew things!

  2. Cara Says:

    The mug rug looks great!

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