I feel immensely excited about a new year. 2010 was many things. The good was very good and the bad was, well, awful.

It was the first full year I spent with my true love. He had two major heart surgeries and many more minor procedures to correct a congenital heart defect. We moved in together which has been both hard for the conflicts and wonderful for every other reason. I nearly melted last week when my unsentimental lover said, “the best part of the day is when you come home.”

He’s a keeper.

I made things. so many things. I taught myself to quilt, and in a haze of pain and painkillers, my darling announced that he wanted to learn, too. It’s been such a fun thing to do together.

I lost an uncle and, on Christmas Eve, a mentor. I’m just beginning to wrap my head around losing Kevin. He is one of the precious friends I’ve had since moving to San Francisco and finding the most unbelievable group of hard-fighting, loving, passionate, activists. My political home is my whole life and Kevin will be missed by all of us, by the local immigrant’s rights movement, the educator’s union he organized in, and the special ed classes he taught.

I’m ready for a new year. I’m ready to make plans with my healing darling, to start grad school in the fall, to knit, to sew, to feed my hungry people, and to see what’s in store.


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