Real new beginnings

I find it odd to turn away from a photo-heavy posting habit in favor of only words. My camera is packed in a box because I am moving. On new years day my partner and I split. I feel so many things but relief and freedom seem to be highest on the list. I’m heartbroken that I’m not greeted by my marshmallow of a pitbull every time I turn my key. I’m basking in the fresh feeling of my old life.

My life, it turns out, fits in a SRO or Single Room Occupancy unit. It’s the sort of place my 14-year-old self dreamed of finding in my future hipurban life. In those days I was a brainy country kid discovering The Beats and Bob Dylan. I imagined torrid love affairs and art and endless cups of coffee and big ideas that could change the world. I craved intellectual conversations with my fellow globetrotting starving poets.

There’s a little less romance in the poverty for me now, but I’m largely the same dreamer. I love my little room. I love the quiet and the independence and the satisfaction of simple living. I even love the “bring your own tp” policy in the communal bathrooms. I’m about to be reunited with my books, my camera, and my sewing machine. Then, the real fun begins.


One Response to “Real new beginnings”

  1. cauchy09 Says:

    wow, there is a painful contrast between your Dec 31 post and this one. but i hope that the transition is treating you well.

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