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Making things easier for you.

October 22, 2010

I finally got my Width socks pattern formatted to my liking in pdf form. I hope this makes it easier for knitters to use this resource. I’ve made a few minor changes to readability. I hope this makes knitting easier.


I’d love to see your socks on Ravelry!


Width Socks

February 6, 2010

I have very large feet. They’re wide. I don’t do a lot of sock knitting as a result. When I make socks I go toe up with a recipe that I’ve memorized. These are a variable width sock. The motif needs no alteration in order to expand or contract the circumference. There’s no math to work out to fit the width to your foot. I provided the motif in both chart and written form. Enjoy.

New pfd!

Yarn: 100 g Reynolds Soft Sea Wool

Needles: 5 US1 dpn, or size necessary to obtain gauge

Gauge: 8sts/1” unblocked

Toe: Using figure-8 cast on CO 16 sts onto two dpns.

Round 1: Work across first needle, divide evenly between two needles, work across second needle.

Round 2: (K1, yo, k 6, yo, k1) twice

Round 3: K all stitches, working YOs through back loop (TBL) to avoid making a hole.

Round 4 and all even rounds: (k1, yo, work to one st before end, yo, k1)

Work round four until the toe fits over 1/2 of toe area of the foot. Alternate increase rounds with round 3 until the toe fits snugly over 4/5ths of the toe area. It’s best to have a bit of negative ease.

Foot: Work across two smaller needles. Center lace chart on larger needle (instep) by subtracting 16 from the total number of stitches, working half of those, working the first row of the lace chart, and working to the end.

Work until sock measures about 2” less than foot, ending after a row 1 of the lace pattern

Shortrow heel: I work the heel using CosmicPluto’s genius method. I debated writing it out but nothing I could explain could match her clarity.

Leg: Center a lace motif over the heel as previous. Work until leg measures length desired, or until you’re nearly out of yarn. Switch to working all sts in rib. I worked p2, k2tbl rib. Use a very stretchy bind off.

\ 0 | | | | | | | | | | 0 / 12
\ 0 | | | | | | | | 0 / 10
\ 0 | | | | | | 0 / 8
\ | 0 | | | | 0 | / 6
\ | | 0 0 | | / 4
| | | | k/p | | | | 3
\ | | | 0 | | | / 2
| | 1

| knit

– Purl

/ K2tog

\ Ssk

0 Yo

k/p knit and purl into the yarn over

Written lace instructions:

1: k1, p 14, k1

2: k3, k2tog, k3, yo, k3, ssk, 3

3: p3, k4, k1 p1 into yo, k 4, p3

4: p3, k2tog, k2, yo, k2, yo, k2, ssk, p3

Odd rows 5 – 11: k k sts and yo’s, p p sts

6: p3, k2tog, k 1, yo, k4, yo, k1, ssk, p3

8: p3, k2tog, yo, k6, yo, ssk, p3

10: p2, k2tog, yo, k8, yo, ssk, p2

12: p1, k2tog, yo, k10, yo, ssk, p1


January 20, 2010

I read on facebook that my cousin’s wife is going in for a c-section in 8 days. Today marks the 7th day before the grand event. Our family is getting another whole generation in a week. I’m excited. (Also, I swear I still had a couple months of knitting time.) They live in Florida, a minor detail to most people but a pretty major one to someone wanting to knit something useful for a baby. I was lucky to find an amazing deal on some Queensland Collection Bamboo Cotton.

It’s a pattern that I had a baby blanket in when I was born (that one made from a pastel variegated Red Heart Super Saver if my memory holds) and it’s a pattern that no one can possibly take credit for.

CO 5 sts. Work 1 garter st. ridge. k3, yo, k to end. Next row and all rows until it’s “big enough” k3, yo, k to end. To reverse: k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end. Repeat until 5 sts remain. work 1 garter ridge. BO.

I’m using 6 50g balls of the Bamboo Cotton in “color 06” which is a nice pale blue. Running towards the end.

Free Pattern!

January 18, 2010

I had planned to make my kid sister a pair of breathtaking gloves for Giftmas this year but the crunch hit me and I chose a more manageable project for plane-knitting. It’s a simple cowl with a classic lace pattern that requires nothing more complex that counting to 6.


Miriam’s Cowl

Ravel it!

Size: Approx. 22″ circumference, unblocked, 13″ height

Materials: Madeline Tosh Worsted, [100% Superwash Merino Wool, 100g/225yd] 1 skein (pictured in Baltic colorway)

Needles: Size US #8/ 5mm DPN or size necessary to achieve gauge

Gauge: 5sts/ 1 inch

CO 108 sts, divided evenly onto three DPNs. (36 sts per needle) join for working in the round and place marker for beginning of the round. K all sts first round. P all sts second round. Begin feather and fan pattern:

Round 1-3: K all sts

Round 4: *k2tog 3 times, (yo,k1) six times, k2tog 3 times* repeat to end of round.

Repeat rounds 1-4 until work measures 12.5″ ending on a round 3.

Purl one round, knit one round, BO loosely. I used the following method:

*K2tog TBL, sl st back to left needle* repeat until last st remains. If working in the round: Pick up a loop from first BO st and work it together with the last st to avoid a gap. Break yarn, pull through last loop.

Finishing: Weave in ends. Steam lightly with an iron on the wool setting, if desired.