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Baby quilt

March 30, 2011


Hopefully moving soon to a place with better light. Cross your fingers for me and my photos!



December 19, 2010

I’m hosting the first month of the Modern Stash Quilting Bee on Flickr. Here’s my example block:

I can’t wait to see what other folks do with gray, yellow, and frames in an improv block.

A little more work

November 26, 2010

I’m enjoying some quiet time. Finally. Everyone has left or is out. I’m alone with the dog and my sewing machine.

This mug run is for my sister-out-law who drinks every imaginable hot beverage while she studies. She’s getting a matching pillow:

It needs a little work. I’ve got something secret brewing for a mini quilt swap some bee blocks to take care of.

My sister has been loaded onto a plane. She’s the next family member to get a major crafty gift. I offered her the choice between a quilt and a sweater. She chose quilt. She’d like traditional, perhaps with stars, and a color scheme that includes barn red. I’m going to have to work to make this interesting.

After a little poking around, I’m feeling inspired by this beauty:

It’s the sort of traditional square I adore. I love her scrappy look with consistent pinwheels. I think it has the classic qualities that my sister is looking for and it’s has the visual interest and technical smarts that I’m trying to build. I’ll keep browsing.

Barn red is a toughie for me. My instinct is to go for a deep, bloody shade and combine it with rich oranges and golds and find an accent shade of gray, sky blue, or canary. Sister shied away from that approach. Perhaps the highlight can be white, which would ease up a little on the overall volume. I want to avoid the faux-antique quilt look of red to brown shades with chocolate low lights and sepia highlights. That makes me want to stab myself in the neck with a finger presser.

How do you work your barn red?

Not my usual colors

November 12, 2010

But exciting still.

Mug Rug!

November 8, 2010

This year, I’m all about knocking things off my Giftmas list. My rule has been that I make one major gift per year, typically a sweater, and rotate which family member gets it. This year my mother is getting the red cables sweater in my last post.

My broke ass is making lesser gifts for everyone else. My whole family actually appreciates this.

Enter my father’s gift. I made him the sort of tea cozy that Japanese teenagers might make if they discovered acid.

The tea cozy is simple. I improv pieced 8 blocks that were approximately 6″x5″ and trimmed them to size. I pieced four together for each side and cut a 3″ strip to go up and over. I roughly cut scraps of batting to jam in, overlapping in the top and lined it with a piece of the cutesy deer fabric. I cut a piece that was as big as the outside, minus the expansion strip.

I quiltd with a tapestry needle and bright red yarn, two lines that ran over the top and back down. They begged for a pompom where they met. I bound it by hand since the three layers of batting were too much for my machine to handle.

It needed mug rugs. Once it had mug rugs it needed a bigger mat for the tea pot. I’m stopping myself, really.

I’ll be tacking the binding down tonight.

Are you as crazy as I am?

November 7, 2010

I’ve been awash in a sea of lung butter. I had no idea that my 27 year old ass could get pneumonia. Surprise!

I’m trying not to think about the loss of 1/4 of my month’s income from this week off. Instead, in the days that it’s been possible for me to focus on anything more complex than the Kardashians (and believe me I did plenty of that) I’ve been accomplishing crafty things.

First finished was a quilt for a fundraiser:

It’s made of donated activist shirts from years of struggle. The method I used was simple:

I had 16″ wide lightweight fusible interfacing. 14″ seemed to be a design width that neither exceeded the smallest shirt dimensions nor cropped the largest designs.

I roughly cut the silkscreens out, ironed them to the interfacing, and trimmed with a ruler. Alternating orientation and color I sewed them together, aiming for 4 strips of equal length. A few strips got an extra few inches and a few got trimmed and then sewn together. That’s the quilt top.

There is no batting. The backing is a heavy denim (tee shirt and jeans, get it?) and the two layers sandwiched seemed like a nice weight and drape. There was a moment of horror when my once-huge denim came out of the wash too small. I trimmed and things went on their way.

The quilt is tied with red yarn. Dale of Norway Baby Ull, to be exact, left over from a pair of fingerless cycling gloves made years ago.

When I can breathe like a normal person I’ll be stenciling something on the back in spray paint. Still deciding on what.

Next up was finishing work for a sweater for my mother:

It still needs a good blocking and some ribbon facing on the neckband. Full disclosure, the knitting had been done and the pieces sitting for several months.

It’s Lillian by Lucy Sweetland. Well written pattern that I highly recommend.

I also blocked the Ishbel made with the yarn that was the first ever gift from my darling.

And I finally started the tea cozy that my father has been asking me for since I can remember. (He got a Dale of Norway Olympic Ski Sweater last year in 6’5″ man size. He hasn’t been neglected.)

Improv kinda-logcabin squares that aimed for 6″x5″ dimensions. I used lots of my bird fabrics and several from the generations of fabric stash. I think these will get poly batting, terry cloth, and a backing fabric. I think I’ll tie the layers together.

Do you share my madness? I’m not done here. I’m just whittling away the Giftmas list and the WIPs. My boyfriend’s sister and parents each need something and my best friend’s quilt is still in pieces. I saw this coaster this morning:

and I think I know what I’m giving someone. Linky!

It’s even raining today. Save our dog’s first obedience class, there’s nothing but fabric scraps and cough syrup until tuesday.

I have the hotness

October 23, 2010

At my house.

That is my man. That is my man quilting. Browl.

I’ve started another quilt.

Progress is slow in King Size.

We’re going fabric shopping this afternoon. Lots to do. There’s a baby quilt for a friend and a tee shirt quilt for a fundraiser in my future. My darling is a few hours of work away from finishing his first quilt and the whole weekend awaits. Lovely rain, you can stay. Monday morning, stay away.

Little Projects

September 24, 2010

My darling made me us this pin cushion. He wasn’t as skilled as I at the fine art of Not Dumping Pins On The Carpet. I spent most of third grade pulling sewing implements out of my knees. I got learned up.

pin cushion

I’ve been playing with a block that looked mind-blowingly hard when I saw it for the first time online:

I also finally replaced the ironing board cover. The old one was a strange waxy blue fabric with a shredded foam lining. It refused to stay on, which made ironing even more tiresome than usual.

The fabric is from JoAnn’s and the tutorial I used was great. I found it here.

Test Block!

September 18, 2010

Every stray crafting thought is drifting this way:

Yes, those are mice driving race cars.


September 6, 2010

‘ll I’m participating in my first quilting bee. I’m also helping to organize it. It’s on and is mostly novice quilters with a lot of knitting experience.

I have my fabric:

I’ll be getting wonky stars on a gray background.